Welcome to our new web site of the NanoCenter at the University of South Carolina.

We hope that this 'new look' is not just aesthetically pleasing but also provides quick and up to date information about the many exciting activities we are pursuing. The past year has been a particularly busy one:

Professor Brian Benicewicz joined us from RPI as endowed chair for polymer nanocomposite research, leader of the polymer nanocomposite research thrust and head of the Center of Economic Excellence for Polymernanocomposite Research.

We have received state funding for a Center of Economic Excellence for Nanoenvironmental Research and Risk Assessment and are working hard to match the endowment and attract another world class researcher to the University of South Carolina.

Professor Qi Wang joined us from Florida and will head the nanoscale theory, modeling and simulation efforts. His expertise in computational fluid dynamics, multiscale modeling of soft matter and complex fluids will allow us to accelerate and deepen our experimental research efforts.

Our colleagues exploring the societal and ethical interactions with nanotechnology are in the process of "spinning off" a "Consortium for Science, Technology, Medicine and Society" and have been able to attract Prof. Alfred Nordmann a philosophy professor from the Technische Hochschule Darmstadt in Germany to join USC for 6 month periods over the next 3 years.

Two commercial startups of the Nanocenter, Sens4 and LuminOF,  have both been successful in obtaining support from SCLaunch as well as private investment and are pursuing joint ventures and federal SBIR grants.

We have expanded our research areas to seven and are seeing not only growth in each of them individually but also the emergence of more collaborations among the various thrusts.  Stay tuned for exciting things to be announced in the near future!