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Jul 13 2012

Nanoparticles in Nacre

Biomineralization is an important structural assembly in nature process that two USC researchers Xiandong Li and Zaiwang Huang have shed new light on.

Apr 05 2012

Nuclear Waste under Pressure?

Certain materials enlarge their opening pores and allow larger cations to be immobilized under pressure. Removing the pressure traps these entities and thereby opens up new approaches to immobilize radioactive cations.

Mar 19 2012

Modeling NanoScale Imaging

Modeling Nanoscale Imaging in Electron Microscopy is a new Springer book edited by Profs Thomas Vogt and Peter Binev (both University of South Carolina) and Prof Wolfgang Dahemen (RWTH Aachen, Germany)

Oct 07 2011

Nanowires Stiffen in Electron Beam

A team of scientists from the University of South carolina led by Xiadong Li found that zinc tin oxide nanowires increase their Young's modulus when irradiated in an electron beam

Sep 09 2011

ACS NanoScience Award

Aug 22 2011

Ultrasensitive and Specific Gas Detection

A team of researchers working at the University of South Carolina's NanoCenter, Electrical Engineering, Chemistry and Physics Department present sensors which allow ultra-sensitive and highly specific detection of NO2 in the presence of other gases.

Jul 21 2011

Search for a Tenure-track Assistant Professor Posiition

Tenure-track Assistant Professor Position in Functional Nanomaterials University of South Carolina College of Arts & Sciences Department of Physics & Astronomy

Jun 03 2011

National Academies seeds Nanocenter efforts

Nano-Imaging seed grant from the National Acacdemies Keck Futures Initiative for "Smart Nano-Imaging"

Mar 18 2011

Self-Healing Materials

Electrical self-healing in a mechanically damaged nanodevice was uncovered for the first time by Jianfeng Zang, Zhihui Xu, Richard A. Webb, and Xiaodong Li at USC Mechanical Engineering & NanoCenter.

Mar 08 2011

Memristor paper creates waves

A paper by Yuriy Pershin (Physics & NanoCenter at USC) and Massimiliano Di Ventra (UC San Diego) demonstrates the use of memrisistive networks to solve complex mazes,

Mar 03 2011

Cathy Murphy wins ACS Inorganic Nanoscience Award 2011

Cathy Murphy, who was a faculty member in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at the University of South Carolina from 1993-2009 wins the Inorganic Nanoscience Award of the Inorganic division of the American Chemical Society.

Feb 24 2011

Halliburton Energy Services Inc. buys technology developed at USC

technology developed at the University of South Carolina that measures chemical concentrations in solids, liquids and gases has been sold to Halliburton Energy Services Inc.

Feb 03 2011

International Imaging Workshop at USC

“New Frontiers in Imaging and Sensing” Workshop February 17 - 22, 2011

Feb 01 2011

Bacterial Communication

Professors Al Decho and John Ferry investigate bacterial communication.

Dec 07 2010

NanoCenter Researcher Leads NSF Workshop

Dr. Chris Toumey of the USC NanoCenter organized and chaired the National Science Foundation workshop on public knowledge of science, held at NSF in Arlington VA in October 2010.