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Carolina Master Scholar Program for Bionanotechnology

June 08, 2009

In a week long course organized by Professor Qian Wang (NanoCenter thrust leader for Bionanotechnology & Sumwalt Professor in the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry)  high school students from South Carolina will learn and get hands on experience in "Bionanotechnology".
This is part of the Carolina Master Scholar Program
click here for video from Channel 7 News:
The students will work on:
"Synthesis and analysis of gold nanoparticles and gold nanowires"
"Virus- purification, bioconjugation, analysis"
"Protein/polymer assembles"
"Bacterial Fuel Cells"
Other lecturers and lab leaders are :
Professor Tom Vogt (NanoCenter)
Professor Scott Crittenden (Physics)
Prof. Chris Toumey (NanoCenter)
Professor Bob Best (School of Medicine)
Professor Zhongwei Niu (NanoCenter- The WM Keck Laboratory for Nanobioparticles)
Professor Melissa Moss (Chemical Engineering)
Professor Linda Shimizu (Chemistry & Biochemistry)
Professor John Lavigne (Chemistry & Biochemistry}
Professor Chris Li (Mechanical Engineering)
Professor Tara Sabo-Attwood (Arnold School of Public Health)
Professor Xiaming He (Mechanical Enginnering)