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Global Research Laboratory for "Novel Nanotechnology using Pressure-induced Auxetic Materials"

January 04, 2010

The Korean Ministry of Education, Science & Technology funded a Global Research Laboratory (GRL) to investigate “Novel Nanotechnology of Pressure-induced Auxetic Materials” to Yongjae Lee (Yonsei University), Chi-Chang Kao (Brookhaven National Laboratory) and Tom Vogt (University of South Carolina). GRL's can run for up to 9 years at a funding levels close to $4.5million. Since launching this GRL program in 2006 26 projects were awarded world wide to teams of Korean and foreign research groups to develop fundamental and original technologies through international collaborative research.  The foreign teams in 2009 included, Imperials College, Ecole Normale Superior, MPI for Quantum Optics, Ital. Nat. Agency for New Technologies, Energy & Environment, BNL & U. of South Carolina.