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Imaging of intergrowths, defects and grain boundaries at the nanoscale

March 23, 2010

Using the aberration-corrrected JEOL 2100F electron microscope at the University of South Carolina a team of researcher from South Carolina, Delaware and Japan examined subtle structural details of  complex oxides which might find use as a catalyst to convert propane to acrylic acid and acrylonitrile.

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Using this high-resolution microscope exquisite images of intergrowths, grain boundaries and defects of metal oxides can be obtained. This work continues a long standing collaboration between USC's Douglas A. Blom and Tom Vogt with UD's Douglas J. Buttrey and William Pyrz.

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From left to right:

William D. Pyrz, Douglas J. Buttrey (both from the University of Delaware)

and Douglas A. Blom and Tom Vogt (University of South Carolina)