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International Imaging Workshop at USC

February 03, 2011

The Interdisciplinary Mathematics Institute (IMI) and the NanoCenter are pleased to announce a special research workshop from February 17 – 22, 2011.  As the second event of this type, the workshop is a focus point of our ongoing collaboration in developing new imaging methods for electron microscopy, this time with special emphasis on sparsity recovering and compressed sensing concepts.  Accordingly, the scope of applications will be widened to other data acquisition methods of high current interest in and outside the university such as Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) and tomography related image formation.  This intensive workshop, moderated by Professor Wolfgang Dahmen, consists of 23 lectures and 5 discussion sessions held over a six day period, and will bring together experts in relevant areas from material science, microscopy, sensor systems, mathematics and  computer science to identify current obstacles and problems in the field that have the potential to be resolved by emerging mathematical methods.    For more details, please visit