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Self-Healing Materials

March 18, 2011

Electrical self-healing in a mechanically damaged nanodevice was firstly uncovered by Jianfeng Zang, Zhihui Xu, Richard A. Webb, and Xiaodong Li at USC Mechanical Engineering & NanoCenter.Any nanodevices, in fabrication and operation, are prone to suffer mechanical damage. If the mechanical damage can be detected in the early stages, it may be possible to repair the device, or if not the device will probably be eliminated. At the nanoscale, however, any manipulation of nanocomponents or detection of changes has proven to be very diificult. But researchers at USC Mechanical Engineering & USC NanoCenter, Dr. Jianfeng Zang, Dr. Zhihui Xu, Dr. Richard A. Webb, and Dr. Xiaodong Li ( ), provide a solution.
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