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Dec 02 2010

Dr. Navid Saleh is new NanoEnvironmental Thrust Leader

Dr. Navid Saleh has been selected as the new nano-environmental thrust leader at the USC NanoCenter.

Dec 01 2010

USC and DuPont Intellectual Assets & Licensing agree on RAFT technology and polymer nanocomposites

USC has reached an agreement with DuPont pertaining to the development of new materials utilizing a breakthrough technique in preparing polymers and polymer nanocomposites employing RAFT technology.

Oct 18 2010

IMI Research Seminar Spring 2011

The Interdisciplinary Mathematics Institute (IMI) and the NanoCenter at the University of South Carolina are planning to have a joint research seminar on “New Frontiers in Imaging and Sensing" in Spring 2011.

Oct 15 2010

Project Seed - Summer 2010 Report

In April 2010, American Chemical Society awarded a Summer I Project Seed to University of South Carolina (USC) to support two high school students from economically disadvantaged families for summer research.

Oct 12 2010

NanoCenter sponsors ACS Award

Dr. Frank Osterloh receives the 2010 ACS "Inoganic Nanoscience Award"

Oct 06 2010

NSF Grant to Establish a Nanotechnology Education Program for Engineering Undergraduates

Nanotechnology program for engineering undergraduates

Sep 27 2010

NanoParticles and Antibiotic-Resistant Infections

A $500,000 grant from the National Science Foundation to Professors Alan Decho and Brian Benicewicz at the University of South Carolina will fund a study on how nanoparticles can be used to change the way that antibiotics are delivered to cells.

Aug 20 2010

How Does Tech Transfer Work?

Listen to Michael Bolick describe how SELAH Technolgies and LAB21 interacted with the USC NanoCenter

Jun 30 2010

Frank Osterloh wins Nanoscience Award

Frank E. Osterloh, associate professor of chemistry at UC Davis wins the 2010 Nanoscience Award of the ACS Inorganic Chemistry Division sponsored by the Nanocenter at the University of South Carolina.

Jun 16 2010

Cobalt-containing Block Co-Polymers

Chuanbing Tang's research group synthesizes cobalt-containing polymers with potential use in catalytic, optical, magnetic and biological applications.

Mar 23 2010

Imaging of intergrowths, defects and grain boundaries at the nanoscale

A research team from South Carolina, Delaware and Japan were able to image subtle structural details of a catalyst.

Mar 16 2010

Nanocomposite Body Armor from T-Shirts

Using cotton t-shirts as both a template and a carbon source B4C nanowire-carbon microfiber hybrid structures were made that might find use as light-weight body armor.

Jan 22 2010

Feynman Anniversay Event to be Held at USC

The Feynman Anniversary Symposium takes place at the University of South Carolina on Friday and Saturday, 12 and 13 February 2010.

Jan 07 2010

Catalysis group develops new approach to niacin synthesis

Through a collaborative effort, the Prof. Rick Adams and his research group in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, along with their collaborators in the UK, have developed a new catalytic approach to the synthesis of niacin.

Jan 07 2010

Popov's research group synthesizes novel catalyst

Prof. Branko Popov’s research group has developed a novel TiO2-supported Pt electrocatalyst that shows excellent PEM fuel cell performance and exhibits ultrahigh stability against corrosion.