Johnson, Ann

Asst. Prof., Depts. of History and Philosophy, NanoCenter

Ann is a Harvard University Fellow and is developing a graduate certificate program in Studies of Contemporary Science, Technology, Environment, and Medicine (CSTEM) at USC. She chairs the 2007 Society for Philosophy and Technology biennial conference, and served as chair of Society for the History of Technology Robinson Prize Committee to choose best graduate student paper, and is the USC NanoScience and Technology Studies group’s research coordinator. She serves on two grants including the NSEC: Nanotechnology in Society Network Node and a CCLI: Effects of Timing Content and Instruction on Students' Abilities to Solve Open-ended problems using computers. Additionally, she has published articles on finite element methods, computer-aided chemical process design, and computational nanotechnology.

Murphy, Cathy

Guy F. Lipscomb Professor of Chemistry, Dept. of Chemistry and Biochemistry, NanoCenter

Cathy is a leading expert on the synthesis, characterization, and chemical sensing properties of inorganic nanomaterials. She is on the Editorial Advisory Board for the American Chemical Society journal NanoLetters and is a senior editor for the ACS's Journal of Physical Chemistry. She regularly teaches the honors freshman chemistry course at USC, and has co-taught a "Fundamentals of Inquiry in Science" course with David Baird. She was the PI of USC's Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program in Nanoscience, 1999-2005.

Gehrke, Pat

Asst. Prof., Dept of English (Communication)

Patrick’s focus for the past few years has been a book-length study of the relationships between politics, ethics, and pedagogy in the development of rhetoric in American communication studies from 1900 to 2000. In addition, Patrick writes on the relationship between the works of Michel Foucault and rhetorical theory, dialogic civility, and rhetorical strategy of a southern academic organization confronting questions of political advocacy and racism during the 1950s. Patrick coordinated the basic speaking course for the department for three years. He comes to the project with extensive experience in argumentation and debate and in directing a civic engagement experience at Pennsylvanian State University before coming to USC.