Advancing catalysis nanoscience for environmental, energy, and chemical applications via research and collaboration.

Cluster-Derived Bimetallic Ammoxidation CatalystNew Chaired Professor

Well-known catalysis researcher Dr. Jochen Lauterbach appointed as CoEE Endowed Chair of Clean Coal and Director of the new Center of Strategic Approaches to the Production of Electricity from Coal.


Ultrahigh Stability Fuel Cell Catalyst Ultrahigh Stability Fuel Cell Catalyst

 Prof. Branko Popov’s research group has developed a novel TiO2-supported Pt electrocatalyst that shows excellent PEM fuel cell performance and exhibits ultrahigh stability against corrosion.


Cluster-Derived Bimetallic Ammoxidation CatalystCluster-Derived bimetallic Ammoxidation Catalyst

The Adams group has developed new highly dispersed bimetallic nanoscale catalysts that are highly effective for the ammoxidation of 3-picoline to nicotinonitrile (a precursor for vitamin B3) under mild conditions in the liquid phase.


Core-Shell Bimetallic PEMFC CatalystsCore-Shell Bimetallic PEMFC Catalysts

Profs. John Van Zee and John Monnier have collaborated to develop new electrocatalysts by using electroless deposition to prepare Co-Pt core-shell nanoparticles.