Providing nanotechnologies for the medicine of tomorrow.


Nanoscale science and technology enable us to view living systems at scales that were previously beyond the range of quantitative research, and to intervene at this scale with an unprecedented precision and effect. The ability to examine biological processes at the nanoscale will thus yield new experimental, theoretical and simulation tools, and will provide fresh opportunities for the development of nanostructured materials, nanodevices and systems, which can eventually benefit biology and biomedical applications.

As a young and emerging field of research, nanobiotechnology also concerns the utilization of biological systems, such as cells, cellular components, nucleic acids, and proteins, to fabricate new generation of functional nanostructured and mesoscopic materials. The nanobiotechnology research is truly interdisciplinary, which requires new alliances between disparate disciplines, including chemists, physicists, biologists, mathematicians, engineers, and a host of others.