Bionanotechnology Seminar Series

Adventures in Bionanotechnology - Carolina Master Scholar Adventure Series

Would you like to know how the novel technology in biology and nanoscience will affect our life? Do you want to obtain hands-on experience in the research of biology and nanotechnology? Adventures in bionanotechnology will offer you this opportunity and more at the internationally recognized NanoCenter at the University of South Carolina.

Summer Workshop for Bionanotechnology

In order to encourage the young generation to pursue careers in science, we plan to create a unique opportunity for high school students to get interested in and to participate in physical or biological science or nanoscience at an early stage. Summers are important opportunities in-between school years. We will organize a “Summer Workshop of Bionanotechnology” for high school students and teachers. The participants will have chance to learn some of the basics of nanoscience, organic chemistry, molecular biology and materials science from the cutting-age research program in at the NanoCenter. The selection of the participants will base on the intra and extra curricular performance of the student. The oncoming programs will be announced soon.