Advancing our understanding of the environmental fate, transport and biological effects of engineered nanoparticles

Saleh Receives NSF Award

Saleh to investigate the aquatic fate, transport and biological impacts of carbon nanotubes as a function of their chirality.


Microbial Biofilm Interactions with Nanoparticles

Professors Alan Decho and Brian Benicewicz are investigating the use of nanomaterials for antimicrobial therapies.


Partitioning of Nanomaterials in Tidal Marsh Creeks 

Professors John Ferry and Tim Shaw are studying how nanoparticles transfer from the water column into the food web.


Modulation of immune-mediated signaling pathways by engineered nanoparticles

Scientists Tara Sabo-Attwood and Eugenia Ariza are investigating the immunomodulatory potential of nanoparticles in mammalian cells.