Team members in Nanoscale Theory, Modeling and Simulation Thrust.

  • Peter Binev: (Ph.D., Mathematics, Sofia University, 1985), Scientific Computing, Approximation Theory, Numerical Analysis. Research interests include: nonlinear approximation, learning theory, high dimensional problems, numerical methods for PDEs, computer graphics, image and surface processing.
  • Sophya Garashchuk: (Ph.D., Chemistry, University of Notre Dame, 1998) Theoretical and computational chemistry including quantum effects in dynamics of nuclei, development of approximate quantum potential method applicable to large molecular systems and studies of reactivity of hyperthermal oxygen.
  • Xiaoming He: (Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, University of Minnesota, 2004), Heat and mass transfer in medicine and biotechnology; Cryobiology and biopreservation; Thermal therapy, hyperthermia, and cryosurgery; Molecular, cellular, and tissue engineering; Biomechanics and biothermodynamics; Bionanotechnology and bioMEMS.
  • Andreas Heyden: (Ph. D., Chemical Engineering, Hamburg University of Technology, 2005), computational nanomaterial science and heterogeneous catalysis, multiscale methods.Lili Ju: (Ph.D., Iowa State University, 2002), Computational Mathematics. Research interests include: Scientific computation and numerical analysis. Exact boundary controllability problems for the wave equation. Parallel algorithms and high-performance computing. Human brain imaging.
  • Xinfeng Liu: (Ph.D., Mathematics, SUNY at Stonybrook), Computational biology, computational fluid dybamics, cell migration, front tracking methods, parallel computing.Yuriy Pershin: (Ph.D., Physics, UC San Diego, 2006), computational/theoretical nanophysics, charge and spin transport in molecules, semiconductor structures and other submicron electronic devices, different aspects of transport in biological systems.
  • Vitaly Rassolov: (Ph.D., Chemistry, University of Notre Dame, 1996), Quantum chemistry, hyperfine interactions, use of linear operators to describe electron correlation effects in molecules.
  • Hong Wang: (Ph.D., Mathematics, University of Wyoming, 1992), Numerical Analysis and Differential Equations. Research interests include: Numerical approximation to differential/integral equations, scientific computations.
  • Qi Wang: (Ph.D., Mathematics, Ohio State University, 1991), Applied and Computational Mathematics, Computational Fluid Dynamics and Rheology of Complex Fluids, Continuum Mechanics and Kinetic Theory, Multiscale Modeling and computation of soft matter and complex fluids of anisotropic Microstructures, Multiscale modeling and computation of biofluids and biomaterials, Parallel and high performance Computing.
  • Xiaofeng Yang: (Ph.D., Mathematics, Purdue University, 2007), Numerical analysis, computational rheology, phase field modeling, interfacial dynamics, parallel computing.