SEIN - Research Activities

Our research group engages a number of projects related to nanotechnology. Four of our major areas of concentration are described briefly below. Please feel free to contact members of our team for further details about current research projects.

Imaging, Imagining, and Understanding Nanotechnology

How are images of the nanoscale produced? How does their mode of production affect their proper interpretation? How are they perceived? How ought they be perceived? How are the disseminated and consumed, and how does this dissemination and consumption ultimately effect the public's perception of nanotechnology?

Research Culture and Nanostructured Materials

Do we need wholly new theories to bridge the gap between quantum and classical understandings of molecular phenomena? What ought we make of the repeated calls for such theories? How do the various disciplinary approaches to understanding this regime interact with one another, if at all? Is their interaction, or lack of it, influenced are affect by cultural differences between disciplines or approaches?

Ethics and the Public

What does the public understand about nanotechnology? What ought they understand? How do they come by this understanding? What ethical obligations do professional scientists, engineers, medical practitioners, and policy makers, have towards the public? What role does or ought the public play in policy decisions regarding the deployment of nanotechnology?

Environment and Risk

How ought one think about the potential environmental impact of nanotechnology? How in fact is it portrayed in the media? How is it perceived? Is risk properly conceived in probabilistic terms? Can decision-theoretic methods be fruitfully applied here, or do other methods of risk assessment and risk accounting need to be pursued? What are the ethical presuppositions of the various methods of risk assessment and accounting?

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